Posterity Heights: A 28-Acre, Urban Revitalization Initiative in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Posterity Heights is a 28-acre, transformative, urban revitalization initiative underway in Fort Wayne, Indiana. According to the Indiana Housing and Development Authority, the project has state of the art and innovative components that will be the first of its kind in the United States. Posterity Heights is an energy efficient and technologically innovative development that will feature an ecological and comprehensive education center of community-based programs and services for low-income and underserved families. By integrating community-based supportive services and job creation solutions with cutting edge technology and energy efficiency models, Posterity Heights is poised to become a model of critical-scale, community-based development.

Posterity Heights is a project conceived by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority in 2015. The project – Moving Forward – aims to provide affordable housing that increases quality of life while decreasing the cost of living for low-to-moderate income individuals and families.

OUR MISSION: Posterity Heights is a system of integrated partnerships and services formed to produce healthy social econmic conditions that create legacies while building a community worth coming home to.

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Posterity Scholar House

Scholar House, will serve as an apartment community designed for section 8, single parents enrolled in college and on a pathway to self-sufficiency. The project will consist of an early childhood learning center, five electric rental vehicles and a solar array with battery storage.

Posterity Scholar House will consist of 44 units in two separate story buildings. Representing a $13M investment of the Posterity Heights project, Posterity House has received low-income housing tax credits from the Indiana Housing Authority.  Posterity Scholar House will provide affordable housing for low-income single parents that are enrolled in college or have embarked on a pathway towards self-sufficiency. The development will provide a net-zero energy solution by leveraging a 500 kilowatt solar supply and five electric vehicles for car sharing.

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Posterity Place

Posterity Place will consist of a 10,000 square foot Housing Life Development and Innovation Resource Center and a 42,000 square foot commercial strip center. Site development will consist of a public park area, an urban acquaponic farm and solar display. The public park will serve as a gathering space for the community for special events and activities as well as a recreational space for residents of Posterity Heights. The urban farm will be used for training purposes for the university programs hosted on site for scholars as well as the community.

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Posterity Village

Phase III entails site development of Posterity Village, a $20 Million investment consisting of affordable "Lease-to-Own" homes. This will help create an inter-generational community that is diverse in nature social-economically.

Posterity Village will include 52 townhomes constructed in ten separate buildings. Posterity Place will be a senior housing community with an emphasis on serving the needs of Grandfamilies  - grand parents that have custody of parenting grand children.  The project will support the Posterity Heights vision for supporting intergenerational families within the Fort Wayne community.

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Posterity Point

Posterity Point will feature 45 single family, market rate homes. Similar to the previous phases, Posterity Point will offer residents a similar technology platform, access to electric vehicles and solar energy supply.

The investment in Posterity Heights will bring not only HOPE to a distressed community, but also jobs, training, education, health resources, high tech and energy efficient affordable housing and home ownership to the residents of Fort Wayne's southeast side. The importance and source of pride that Posterity Heights signifies to the Fort Wayne community in terms of its service and meaning are immeasurable. Posterity Heights will be a catalyst for job creation and further neighborhood investment in a food desert and a "severely distressed" census tract.

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More Information about Posterity Heights

Posterity Heights will be the catalyst for further neighborhood investment in a census tract that is severely distressed, and it will be central to Fort Wayne's plan to alleviate blight and develop job creation with a concentration on five specific areas including Workforce Development, Healthcare, Information Technology, Finance and Advanced Manufacturing.

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