Phase 4: Posterity Point

Single Family Homes

Posterity Point will feature 45 single family, market rate homes. Similar to the previous phases, Posterity Point will offer residents a similar technology platform, access to electric vehicles and solar energy supply.

The investment in Posterity Heights will bring not only HOPE to a distressed community, but also jobs, training, education, health resources, high tech and energy efficient affordable housing and home ownership to the residents of Fort Wayne's southeast side. The importance and source of pride that Posterity Heights signifies to the Fort Wayne community in terms of its service and meaning are immeasurable. Posterity Heights will be a catalyst for job creation and further neighborhood investment in a food desert and a "severely distressed" census tract.

Leasing Options

More Information About Posterity Heights

Posterity Heights will be the catalyst for further neighborhood investment in a census tract that is severely distressed, and it will be central to Fort Wayne's plan to alleviate blight and develop job creation with a concentration on five specific areas including Workforce Development, Healthcare, Information Technology, Finance and Advanced Manufacturing.

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