Shared Ride System

Posterity Heights will provide a wide range of shared amenities across the multi-phase development which will consist of; a high-tech 1MW solar array supporting an all-electric, shared-transportation infrastructure for the community; and shared amenity with Phase 1 electrical vehicle suite. Posterity residents will access to all 8 electric vehicles that can be reserved online via the tenant smart phone application.

Collaborative partnerships with local entities will provide residents with access to an onsite primary health clinic, restaurants, and the University Life Center dedicated to Ivy Tech and Indiana Tech to provide classes and free workshops to residents wishing to pursue higher education or certification programs. In addition, the adjacent University Life Development Center and Grocer will give residents access to gainful employment, the opportunity to purchase produce directly and learn about preparing healthy meals with fresh food options by enrolling in culinary classes at the Center. Finally, the tenants of Posterity Village will be able to benefit from ALL these unique features and amenities that enhance the true "Live, Work, Play" environment.

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