Phase 3: Posterity Village

Site Development

Phase III entails site development of Posterity Village, a $20 Million investment consisting of affordable "Lease-to-Own" homes. This will help create an inter-generational community that is diverse in nature social-economically.

The Posterity Village (PV) project is the third phase of a five-phase redevelopment effort (Posterity Heights) of the former McMillian Park Apartments. The goal of this revitalization is to enhance the "Quality of Life" through integrated housing and transportation solutions.

Posterity Village will be located at 4209 Plaza Drive, in Fort Wayne (Allen County). This development will leverage a sustainable design concept that is cohesive to the complete redevelopment effort and services geared toward continued education, health & wellness, and job training for its residents. Posterity Village will offer our residence multiple opportunities to improve their quality of life. By combining a mix of incomes, Posterity Village will provide Allen County with 58-units of 30%, 50%, and 60% AMI as well as market rate units.

Leasing Options

More Information About Posterity Heights

Posterity Heights will be the catalyst for further neighborhood investment in a census tract that is severely distressed, and it will be central to Fort Wayne's plan to alleviate blight and develop job creation with a concentration on five specific areas including Workforce Development, Healthcare, Information Technology, Finance and Advanced Manufacturing.

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